Company Specifications :    
Legal Name:   CabCom GmbH
Legal Form :   Closely held corporation
Location:   60437 Frankfurt/Main Germany
Founded:   28th April 2000
Managing Director:   Karin Hummel
Subject Matter:   Production and sale of electro-products, in particular control wire and cable segments such as cable assemblies and sets, band conductors, control wires fitted with plugs, connectors, and other contact devices in.
Sale of cables and conductors in various configurations as well as plug-in connectors, contacts, and insulating materials.
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Quality Safeguarding:
Bornweg 45
D-60437 Frankfurt
Tel.: +49 (0) 6101/5095-0
Fax.: +49 (0) 6101/5095-11
Producion Area:  
Production and Delivery:    
Manufacturing Focus :
- Cable manufacture in accordance with customer prescriptions, drawings, guidelines, and samples
  - Cable looms, data lines, flat cables, single wires, control wires, power cables, coaxial cables, spiral wires
  - Remodelling of casings, conduits
  - Ready-made assemblies (systems)
Sales/Distribution - Plug-in connections, control wires, flex cables, flat cables
  - Processing tools and accessories
Manufacturing: - Automats for cable manufacture
  - Crimping automats for contacts
  - Crimping machines
  - Coax - processing machines,
  - Special tools
  - Digital crimp highness measurements
  - Cable testing automats for cable assemblies
  - Digital crimp thickness measuring Disconnect force measuring systems
Quality Assurance:   Fully audited production
Kab-Tech s.r.o.

Certification #: 11000095
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